PrestoCom - PrestoPlan


PrestoCom and PrestoPlan are a software for TC (Telecommands) encoding bundled with a TC Plans manager.

The PrestoCom software has been designed to allow the user to encode TC profiles. Thanks to the TC description (data structures) from DataBase Satellite or Intrument, the user will fill in all TC parameters and PretsoCom will generate a binary TC profile.

The software comes in two versions, the former is simply for testing TC encoding capabilities, the second (called PrestoPlan) goes along with Plan Management features.

PrestoPlan has a user Template library that can be instantiated. Based on a simple textual language and TC description way, the templates can be used to dynamically generate TC plans, eventually by referring data from an input data file. PrestoPlan also have a TC plan section for handling pending plans, until they are sent and published. Finally, PrestoPlan can show the history of sent TC Plans. All these features can be used with Graphical User Interface, or by command line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which operating systems does PrestoCom run on ?

PrestoCom targets the following operating systems:

Operating Systems32 bits64 bits
Windows 7, 10, 11
RedHat/CentOS 7, 8, 9
RedHat/CentOS 5

PrestoCom should also run fine on other Windows and Linux versions.

Why can't I run PrestoCom on a headless Linux machine if I'm only using batch mode ?

Since PrestoCom uses Tk, it requires the X11 libraries to run, and a working X11 display. This is still the case even in batch mode.

On a headless machine, you may use Xvfb to provide PrestoCom with a virtual X11 display. This can be done as follows:

 # Start the virtual X server
 Xvfb :1 &
 # Keep the process ID
 # Run PrestoCom on the new virtual display
 ./<binary-name.lnx> -display :1 -commandfile <your-command-file> -noshow -exit
 # Stop the virtual display
 kill $XPID

To install Xvfb on your system if it is not already available, please contact your system administrator.