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The PrestoTools are a suite of data display, analysis, mining and processing tools developed by CNES for its ground segment activities, designed with a focus on user-friendliness.

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PrestoPlotĀ® is a simple and user-friendly tool for plotting time-based data (telemetry, simulation results, experimental records, etc).

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PrestoDecom is a portable extraction tool for telemetry parameters from binary archives, coming with a graphical user interface to navigate the Satellite DataBase.



PROTON (PROfiling Tool for Operational Needs) is a portable tool for analysis and investigation on spacecraft mission events.

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PrestoCom is a software for TC (Telecommands) encoding bundled with a TC Plans manager.

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VORTEX is a generic tool for detecting and analysing regressions between softwares and versions.

PrestoTools also includes several others small tools in Add-Ons section

Usage survey

We're currently providing a usage survey directed at the PrestoTools users. This survey will let us know the tools usage behaviours and the unknown or missing features. Thus, we'll be able to improve our communication, the software, and we'll keep going forward in the right way.

To take part in this survey, just download the survey worksheet (Excel format) and follow the instructions.

We thanks you very much for your contribution !


To be notified of new versions of the PrestoTools, upcoming events and training sessions, please send an email to the information contact above.

The email should originate from the address you wish subscribed, and its subject header should be "SUBSCRIBE prestotools-newsletter".