VTS 3.6.1 “Rendezvous” released

The VTS team is very pleased to announce that VTS 3.6 “Rendezvous” has just been released and is available for download at https://timeloop.fr/vts/download.


What’s new ?

Relative coordinates

It is now possible to specify a reference frame to define the position and attitude of a satellite. By default, the reference frame center is the satellite parent body, but it can be changed to another satellite. The available reference frame types are : EME2000, Body fixed, TNW and QSW. Position and attitude are defined in the same reference frame.

A chaser satellite defined with absolute coordinates (blue), and the same satellite defined with relative coordinates (pink)

Reference frame definition in the Position/Orientation panel




New graphical objects can be added to a satellite (only, for the moment) to visualize the orbits in a more visual context. Currently the available visualizers are ellipsoids, grids and spherical shell.

A grid visualizer displaying XY, YZ and ZX planes of a reference frame
A sphericall shell, defined with a minimum and maximum latitude, longitude, altitude
A sphericall shell, defined with a null longitude and attached to a bodyfixed satellite at the center of the Earth

Much more !

  • Support for CIC data exchange protocol version V3.0
  • New “Tracking Shot” mode to define custom camera travelling animations
  • Cascade layout in the Window Geometry Manager

To see the complete list of features, improvements and bugfixes included in VTS 3.6 please read the full changelog.

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